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Relationships Matter
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Every single thing that you Dave: You've got all kind of Melina, our glossary inside of our club. Just so you know, if you ever come to our club, go read the glossary or all the different terms we put there. We put in Melinaisms and we call Melinaisms because she just makes stuff up. And so Cathy: They're all on the shubaship. Melina: Exactly, yeah. I like words. Dave: And if the word doesn't exist, you just mix it up.

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Dave: Or throws in something in its place when you can't think of whatever the word is. Dave: All right. So, let's back up and go over to Peter. Peter, from your perspective in this and you have a different perspective in coming and saying, "Why real estate and how you're getting into real estate and so forth. Peter: I would have to say guidance. First, it focuses and revolves around the relationships, but the key thing for me has been guidance, people that have been to a place that I haven't been but wanna go and are willing to take me along with them and to coach me along the way, and be genuine about it.

So, I would definitely say that from my perspective, the thing that has really, really got me sold out if you will is the relationships and not just the relationships, but what those relationships bring. It's not like, "Hey, here's somebody who I get along with.

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So, like they were saying, we all have our own gifts and talents and being able to come together and use those talents from one another and learn from one another has been what has really, really helped and helped me grow in the last few years. Dave: Yeah, very cool. I tell people this all the time. A lot of times, especially when they come and they're coming out to an introduction and they're like, "What's this club about and who's all And it's always that principle, "What's in it for me? Dave: Yeah, with them. So, what's in it for me and the idea of like, "Okay, so what's in it for me?

It blows me away when people say, "I really wanna do this business, but I hang out with people that have nothing to do with this and or even don't support the idea that I wanna do this business. But I need to hang out with those people. But then, the next layer get a little bit deeper than that, not only that I need to hang out with them, but I need to figure out how do I bring value? Dave: To their business. So, a really, really, big key.

If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me

So, in 20 seconds or less, I generally make some determinations about people when they come in, in their conversations with us. So many people come in from, "What's in it for me, and I only really care about me.

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And either I need money or I want to partner up with you because And I think I know what I'm doing but I really don't. And on top of that, I need to make a home run tomorrow. This whole lottery microwave mentality, and instead of saying, "Well, hold on a second, these people have success in what I wanna do, they're doing it. That was us. Melina: For sure.

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Viewing Party All right, all right. I mean, if you look at — applause — I got you the biggest tax cut — beyond the Ronald Reagan tax cuts. Jim: OooOK. I am looking for a song about the "Weekend. The Target The producer helpfully starts suggesting other legally cleared songs.

Dave: That was us. And I even think my own perspective was that same way. Dave: Going to people and saying, "Well, okay, I'll join you but what's in it for me? I connect with them by what is it their business that they need that I might be able to bring value to them. Like, how could I help going to Tim? Tim, he said it great earlier and that, "Hey, I don't have that experience like Frank and Cathy have to be able to connect with that couple with kids because I'm a single guy, so I'm missing that. People speak other languages.

Dave: Vital, like, "Hey, I'd be happy to provide this service for you if you'd be willing to provide this service for me of like sharing with me how do you connect with people. Like, I don't necessarily know how to do that. Whether you ever come to our club, whether you're just randomly listening or somebody sharing this with you or something, but from a perspective of us owning the club and being able to do this business and share with people, that's how you get our attention. Cathy: If I think like we're on the table with everybody here, I think this.

I think I don't know that every one of us walked in with the perspective of, "Oh, what can I do for you. Like they have to be willing to embark on the journey like, "Okay, I'm just gonna jump in. Frank: Right.


I was gonna say that we talk to people who wanna become club members and things like that, and I think most people that I talked to when I first talked to them, there is a lot of them talking to me from the 'what's in it for me. I've broken through it and I'm literally looking at. If I'm at 50, feet and you're at feet, I have a better vision of your situation and I can see what you need to go through and I enjoy watching people and help. My two-word mission statement, cultivating growth.

I like seeing people and helping people to get through that.

Everyone listen up!

The people that I don't invite down to the office are the people that can't get past that. I really do want to help. I want to see you get whatever it is that you want to get and I wanna be a part of helping you through there if that makes sense. And, yeah. Cathy: It makes perfect sense. I mean, that's the idea of significance.

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What you're saying is I wanna be of significance and you can only be of significance with people, not money. Money may make life easier for sure, it makes life nicer, but it's not going to make you significant. I mean, it may leave your name on a building somewhere, but how is that really significant?

You're only significant when you affect people, when you make an impact on their lives.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, very cool. I think that we had the conversation with Cathy and by the way, if you haven't listened to that podcast, go back and listen to Frank and Cathy because Cathy really shared all about that significance and what that does in bringing value. And you talked about, and not to put you on the spot again, but you kind of talked about that, even in your role in the club and your role in, obviously, your marriage and with your kids. But inside our club, what is that, always never working?

Cathy: Yup. Dave: Always never working, yet not punching a time clock, but being able to be there. And so, maybe you can What would be something that you could leave them with? The club provides X for you and that's why you can see. Kind of like Tim's perspective was awesome, in that I can see things you can't see. And so, maybe you can shed some light on that. I'm not sure if there's a question in there, but maybe just looking for your insight. Cathy: I think for me when I'm talking to people, I always share with them that the club will provide hope because people are calling looking for something and it's not real estate.

They wanna do real estate because it provides money. And usually, we get people that call because they're living in survival mode. That's why they have the question,"What's in it for me? Cathy: So, I usually tell people like, "What you'll get from the club is hope and on top, of you'll make some money.

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Cathy: Especially not knowing, not going to college or having some kind of degree. For Frank and I, we were just regular W2 employees before.

So, to make the kind of money that we make now, that we've never made before, it's like, "Oh, where do you get that kind of chance? Christian, you were gonna say something? I saw you over there with the Christian: Yeah, just to piggyback off of Cathy, it is tough when people do have their backs against the walls because they have mortgage payment and kids to feed.

But if they can look past that and look from the sky to the ground, this is an opportunity where you can hang around people that are making millions of dollars in real estate, and the truth is that you just have to be hungry. And like you were saying, Dave, people can't have the mentality where they're just entitled and they're looking for what can I get because if you surround yourself with this group with the club, your income is gonna skyrocket not from even the real estate knowledge that you have, but just from the person that you become.

Dave: Spoken by Melina Melina: I was so gonna say no snowflake there. Dave: Go ahead, Oscar. Oscar: The thing that comes to mind for me is people being willing to collaborate.