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I had come too far now to stop trying so I consulted different vets and tried all kinds of solutions, flushed and treated every day with something. They put some kind of PMMA beads in the wound to try and packed it with gauze, more antibiotics, flushing and packing at home care. For the rest of I was still caring for him. So here we go again credit card in hand one more time. Thank God my husband is an understanding horse caring person.

We get there by this time everybody knows Astro and his bizarre case. They told me they would be more aggressive and that he may die on the operating table so as I watched thru the glass window as always but this time I was crying and praying he would be okay. Sent him home with very expensive and strong antibiotic Rx from a compounding pharmacy. Again we have a drain to deal with and a larger hole to keep covered and clean. The drug was a paste he was to have three times a day I did it when I could but most of the time it was only two times, sometimes my girlfriend wound stop and give him his midday dose.

Finally it was slowing down on the drainage. He was so good to take the paste. We kept him on this drug for a month and a half. Then my vet put him on a cheaper drug and one to put in the wound.

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Finally the end of July the hole was getting smaller and closing in from bottom up. Kept after it till October the vet said it looked good. It was looking good then January it was matted around the scar and smelled bad. The vet said possible staph infection from all the wet weather.

I cleaned and sprayed it with Vetericyn a new treatment out which is great. It is June and all is well so far with him, just have to keep the dent that is left in his but wiped out once in a while to be safe from causing any problems. He is also ready for training if he stays sound. If I never get him broke I will be happy to have a sweet, healthy, expensive, lovable lawn ornament. He has always been sweet and affectionate all the time that I have been treating him, he has never offered to kick or bite. When I am in the barn working he continually watches me while the other horses just want to eat hay and ignore me.

He is not the first one I have tryed to save but his problem was the longest one. I am a palomino gelding that was born in I was kept in a small pasture with my friend, Chance, who was a bay gelding. Since the kids had lost interest in riding us, it was better for us to find a new home. That is where Save a Horse and Darlene came into my life in We were bought and moved to the farm where we had lots of pasture and other horses to be with.

Darlene rode me a lot at first.

She rode me in parades and on trail rides at other places with other horses. I was also used as a lead horse. I was so well-behaved that you could lead another horse right behind me and I was okay with that. I was even safe enough to put a child in the saddle in front of one of the trail guides and not worry the whole trail ride about me misbehaving. One of the things that I remember was helping to train Lacey, the mare I became friends with at the stable.

So Darlene rode me back behind Lacey to try to convince her to move. When I realized what was needed, I would lightly push her and nip her on the butt to make her go.

This worked so well that sometimes I did it just for fun. In July of , I became very ill. Our regular vet was out of town so another vet came and checked me out and gave me some medicine.

A couple of days later Darlene drew blood and took it to the vet for testing. The test showed that I was anemic and had an infection. I was continued on medication. Then when our regular vet came back, she did a biopsy of my lump. It came back showing abnormal cells which could be cancer or maybe something else. I have come to the barn every winter since to be fed and pampered.

I get to go to the pasture with the herd for the summer months. But in February , I got really sick and stopped eating.

Yellowhorse Mobile Veterinary Service

Oh course, just my luck, the vet was gone again. But she called and they decided it might be a bad tooth or something wrong with my mouth. The dentist came right out to check me. He said that there was nothing to do with my teeth because most of them were gone and maybe it was just my time since I am so old. Darlene treated me with the same medicine she used when I was sick before. When the vet came back she came to the farm and checked me out and thought that maybe I had a stomach ulcer.

So I was drenched with Pepto stuff and paste two and three times a day for a week. I made sure that Darlene got some, too. I like to share! I now eat senior feed two times a day and am out with the other horses. I just hang around close to the barn in case somebody wants to brush me or pet me. So my lump is still here but so am I and all is well so far. If you could sponsor me, it would help with my feed and just in case I need the vet again.

Siamon is an Appaloosa gelding He was born in and was a show horse for his previous owner and traveled to shows near and far, in which he helped her place in.

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Now that she is no longer riding she is done with him. She called in to see if I would take him and I told her I had no use for him we are no longer doing trail rides I figured he had a home and was okay. Then in she called again begging me to take him, they had lost their home to the coal mine and had no place for him to stay. So I agreed to get him. When we arrived to pick him up they brought him out to us he was thinner than I like and the side of his face was was sunken in. She said it was from being kicked or something when he was a baby. After a few weeks here he still had not put on weight and was breathing heavy.

So I called the vet I had already wormed and vaccinated and had his shoes pulled and feet trimmed. She recognized him, which happens often when I bring in a new horse. She said his teeth needed dental work and she had told previous owner that the last time she saw him.

The breathing was an allergic reaction to something. I treated him for it and he recovered fine. I called the horse dentist that my vet recommended and he came right out as soon as he could. His tongue had calluses from teeth cutting into it in the past. His mouth would not open wide enough to work on his teeth like he wanted. Because of his past history, his jaw is locked up from muscle loss to side of his face.

He did manage to grind the sharp edges off and get his teeth the best condition possible for his first visit. Many more dental visits came to get him eating better. And regular visits to follow to keep him that way. He ate and is still eating special feed and extra additives to get his weight back on and hopefully keep it that way.

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This is the most direct and level route to the ocean from this trailhead. All welcome. Let's get started Create a profile or sign in to your existing one Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google. Looking for a fun alternative to Melbourne Cup? Visit our Backcountry Camping page for more information. We cannot guarantee that your order can be amended before it is shipped.

He was all alone before and now he has new friends like Hank the old gelding and Patches the very old, little pony. Every time I put a new horse in the field he is the welcoming committee to greet and be their friend after he picks on them and irritates them they finally try to like him even with his annoying personality. He seems happy with his new home and I hope to be able to keep him that way. We could use some financial help for his feed and dental care if someone would be kind enough to donate and sponsor him.

I am an appaloosa mare named Shilo. I was born in and I came to Save A Horse in I came from a place where I had my own little field with my own barn and stall.

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I was well cared for by a nice man. So I came to Save A Horse stable to work and do trail rides when needed. I have always behaved and done what I was asked to do. I made new friends. Sugar was my companion most of the time. We hung out together and were ridden together when we were needed.

Unfortunately, Sugar got very sick and had to cross over that rainbow bridge to wait for me. I will see her again, but not too soon, I hope. A lot of us older horses are in retirement and only get ridden when Darlene decides to ride.

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There are so many of us that she will probably never ride some of us again.