The Ghost: Adventures of a Young Scientist

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It didn't gradually fade away - it was very strong one minute and the next gone. Other experiences have happened--but not enough room in this message box to share all of them. My theory is that this house being so old enables those on the other side to locate it - that it is some kind of portal, or landmark. My main regret was that I did not think of any method to try to communicate with these spirits, if that is what it was. If it ever occurs again I will try to communicate somehow - perhaps by seeing if the scent could be different for a yes or a no.

Also, I also once saw the complete form of a woman in an old farmhouse I had bought. She appeared before me for several minutes and her form never varied nor did the intensity of her image. I will never forget it. The hell of it is is that I come from a science background.

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My entire family committed their professional lives to the sciences. I couldn't have been more than three or four years old when it was made very clear to me that neither ghosts nor Santa Claus are real. Needless to say, I'm in a rather bad place right now.

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The SS Missouri is grounded in the bay in Hawaii. I was exploring the lower deck when I noticed a fascinating model of the ship inside a glass enclosure. There was a narrow hallway about 50 feet in either direction and the area was deserted except for myself. As I leaned over the glass enclosure I was bumped hard from behind. Thinking I was being pick-pocketed I immediately spun around, no one was there.

I could see 50 feet in both directions, no one any where to be seen. The bumping was not in anger, simply a "here I am" or "I exist" motion. I was not afraid or angry. My family and I lived at a property in Wales during the 's and we experienced things that defied rational explanation, we had minor poltergeist activity, the occasional sighting but this was very rare and we heard footsteps that would occur regularly every evening when we'd all be downstairs watching television.

Me and my family moved up to Washington in this 2-story house, But.. I woke up one night to get a midnight snack but when I got to the kitchen, it was like a chaotic mess! I put everything back together and organized but hid the broken cabinet doors.. I came back from school and went inside my house. I called for my dog, Toby, but heard no response. I literally looked everywhere and eventually found him, dead.

He had fresh 3x3 scratches that were deep all over him!.. I knew when I was younger I messed with an ouija board. I tried burning it but it wouldn't burn at all! It's now black because of all the burning I did on it!

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I ran through him with my arms over my eyes turned around and he was gone. I would say that prior to my husband and I moving into our present home about 9 years ago I was not a believer in "ghosts". I could see my son coming out of the woods.. In he took part in and was paid for 14 events in the Halloween season alone. This is the new reality for Auerbach, a man once dominant in his field.

My last approach was to talk to the spirit. I had put down the Ouija board and I did say like,"Why are u doing this? My only response was,"die". When we wake and we go down everything is broken. Then last night a awoke floating in the air with my head dangling it was exactly PM and at Pm i was dropped feeling nausius I am only 7 so i dont know how to spell i went to my parents room seeing all their things broken their lamp tossed across the room and the floor carpet ripped up we had no pets.

I tried awaking them and they woke but when the looked at me there faces were all scratched. We have just moved into a new house and i hope it isn't the same I think you make the afterlife what you want out of it.

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If you want catholic heaven you join similar spirits and have that and if you want a hindu thing you do that with other like minded spirits. Just like moving to a new area and house and joining the local church with like minded people.

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The Ghost: Adventures of a Young Scientist [Lloyd Sparks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A young scientist and his friends are. A young scientist and his friends are introduced to the frightening array of alternate universes when he creates a device that can open a doorway between .

You make of it what you want. If you are limited as a spirit you can opt for a human birth to gain more spiritual ability. There is no such thing as ghosts, but there is such thing as demons haunting you after a loved one died. He sits in a corner of my bedroom, near the ceiling, and communicates in Morse code figured that out two days ago through my bedside lamp. When the bulb dims, I see a vague patch that's a bit darker than normal, like a shadow of something. I sat at my computer a few nights ago when I caught the light flashing "hi" to me. It repeated twice, then stopped for ten minutes.

Actually, 9 minutes and 47 seconds I have a bedside clock too. Instead of talking out loud, as my parents were home I live with my parents' at the minute , I attempted to send a message with my mind, like I was broadcasting my thoughts. Low and behold it worked, as the light started flashing. I'd asked what the entities name was. I got "Rhyec" which I think was supposed to be Rhyce, but I was open minded. He usually sits on my desktop monitor which I'm going to be selling soon at night, making it creak at completely random times after I've unplugged it it consumes a lot of energy for the night.

Anyway, it usually creaks only when he sits on it. Want to know something? He sometimes toys with my by either moving my bedside light it has a flexible arm thing or my professional microphone when I'm not in the room. I've also seen objects way before I figured I had an entity in my room being moved within seconds of walking out and then into my room.

He actually hasn't been around for five days now, so I'm hoping whatever I did to my room five days ago will keep him away, even though he was nice.

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I've certainly had many experiences. Too many to even try to tell. I'll say this though, with ones that are seen from our eyes and from another person's eyes at the exact same moment and time, cannot just be a pigment of imagination, especially if it's claimed to be a detailed human being. Obviously people could lie about it and what not, but the consideration of what if they're not?

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Also, I've realized that not all people who die take place as a ghost. Considering energy is neither created nor destroyed, I do believe in some sort of reincarnation. The energy is portrayed as our souls, which move from one living, breathing being, to the next. We humans all have different personalities and so do animals.

Obviously our brains provide instinct, but what if our "soul" controls our brain to show it's personality? Also, considering it being an energy, I believe that "ghosts" are just lost in the process in between and trying to take a new different form of life but is stuck in it's last form's after life. There's always those who piggyback off others. Look at Mtn. Dew and generic types that use similiar color and patterns for their product.

Just to protect those that know from others that might taunt them to death. Science is ignorant in its'own way.

Looking for explanations void of simple mysteries of life. Or as with other things, they know, they simply avoid telling. Maybe social ramifications. There's hoaxes, means of creating illusions. But like Coca Cola, there's the real thing. Which if others attempt to observe a person, they may very well thwart natural knowledge and experiences that would be. It plays on selfishness, where another is so obsessed desiring what they don't have. Wanting to believe, sometimes denying events as kind of reverse psychology. Then there's others who know, but wouldn't say anything for fear of being called crazy.

But that again is probably a trait of governess itself, where person doesn't have, even phenomena or ghostly experiences, so they deny it to invalidate a person who has. Jealousy, envy, which the intangible may be desired but it isn't something that can just be bought or found. Though the kabbalah states some people do have more experiences. Then there's liars. Or look at the Virgin birth of Christ. Any number are so shallow and narrow minded they believe an egg has to be fertilized. But contrary to this, look at honeybees that lay sterile eggs that hatch into drones.

It's called Parthogenesis.

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Which science can tell about. Which I guess would be extremely rare in humans, but just because one never witnessed something doesn't mean it can't be. Like those who say there's no Sasquatch, who of these have seen Sasquatch not exist? This their foolishness as they have no basic to deny what they know nothing of. I have had many encounters ever since i was a young boy. I was walking from a friends house which was at a trailer park in the country surrounded by woods. Awaken from choking from the smoke engulfing the trailer, i awoke to find in the living room, a pair of jeans was laid over the gas wall stove inflamed fire climbed the wall and made its way to the ceiling.

I turned off the gas and tossed water on the wall and ceiling fighting the smoke and heat. After making sure everything was o. There's placed where I never heard of anyone experiencing ghosts, then there's other places where it's riddled with stories, then some, a few.