the Threshold of Technocracy

Tennis, Technocracy & Servitude
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ICT has made the world more democratic and the powerful more careful. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks did a service, mostly, with his leaks of secret and illegal activities of governments.

John Marshall

In other words, intellectuals are not necessarily any better at discerning their own flaws, blind spots and biases. Easterly recalls feeling the need to apologise when mentioning values to an audience of economists, a sign of just how technical the discipline can be or tries to be. Share this: Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window. It eliminates players as agents, players as human beings who are on a team and working together for an outcome, and views them, instead, as mere assemblages of baseball properties that are summed-up by the numbers. As experts move ever-closer to technicality and further from values, the general public is pushed further from meaningful political debate. It was odd because I was living in Miami, but this was before an expansion team came to Florida and I suppose there were lots of transplanted New Yorkers in town.

In many ways, it was not entirely different from how people gained more democratic rights one or two hundred years ago. But the methods Assagne and Snowden used are questionable. Assagne is hiding in an embassy in London and Snowden is in exile in Russia.

They pay a high price for their idealistic actions. In the last few decades, we have been fascinated with internationalization, the free movement of goods and capital around the world, but less with free movement of people.

the Threshold of Technocracy K D Beisinger

Internationalization is said to have benefitted development everywhere, including in poor countries. Somehow, I question that.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. KD Elizabeth Beisinger is a minister and an author. As well the Threshold of Technocracy - Kindle edition by K D Beisinger. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. the Threshold of Technocracy [K D Elizabeth Beisinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A book that addresses the slavery of fear and.

I believe it has mainly benefitted the multinational companies and the wealthy countries. Besides, why do we have to send goods all over the world?

Why can we not make most of the goods we need locally, where people who need them actually live? I am glad that there now seems to be a decrease in global trade. Economists and politicians still see economic growth as a requirement even in America and Europe, where they should realize that there is more need for reduction of consumption of resources, and more equal distribution within and between countries. The stagnation in Europe should be seen as an opportunity to consume less and share more. In developing countries, though, growth is needed, with far better distribution of wealth.

Technocrat Government Achi Hai - Nadeem Malik Live - SAMAA TV - 31 Oct 2017

In , it is one hundred years since the First World War broke out. Today, Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan need peace, and many other areas with internal or external conflicts. In spite of the high number of experts on development issues, we seem to be unable or unwilling, to find development paths that benefit all people.

We seem trapped in our own, unreal mindset. In religious, cultural and social fields, we are also often stuck in old ways — in spite of realizing that we need to change.

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Religions teach us that we are all equal before God. And if God sees us as equal, why cannot we human beings do the same? The writer is a senior Norwegian social scientist with experience from research, diplomacy and development aid.

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Atle Hetland January 09, April 10, Myths and mindsets. Sarrazin is a narcissist who is more interested in self-promotion than serious analysis.

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An opinion poll last week provides just the latest proof that Sarrazin has his finger on the national pulse: Over half of Germans think their country has suffered by joining the euro, while 79 percent reject eurobonds as a solution to the crisis. Sarrazin — a former regional politician and Bundesbank governor who was stripped of his official positions because of his views on immigration — is not a man to do things by halves.

Baseball, Judgment, and Technocracy

His book breaks not one but two German taboos by linking Holocaust guilt with questions about the sustainability of the euro. The antics of Thilo Sarrazin are a product of the constrained, elitist nature of German politics where — after the experience of National Socialism — many topics are declared outside the realm of political competition. As a result, all mainstream parties are in favor of Europe, the euro and the Atlantic alliance, and against war, inflation and nationalism. But those who dare cross the threshold of political correctness — as Sarrazin has repeatedly done — tap into a vast reservoir of pent-up popular frustration.

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And because the establishment cartel turns them into outcasts rather than arguing with their views, this reservoir continues to grow. And now they are trying to turn Alexis Tsirpas — the firebrand leader of the Greek anti-austerity Syriza party — into a non-person. A chorus of European politicians are trying to scare the living daylights out of the Greek people in the hope that the electorate will give a mandate to the mainstream New Democracy party, which had supported the bailout package. My hunch is that this approach is unlikely to deliver a mandate for New Democracy, and even if it succeeds, it could be undesirable.

One of the ironies of the last few days is that Angela Merkel allegedly asked the Greek prime minister to call a referendum on whether Greece should stay in the euro.