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We've been pleased to get a nice set of brief explanations of spiritual topics and doctrinal terms, from Rev. Julian Duckworth.

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You'll find more than of them from our "spiritual topics" hub page, and in some places, we've added his insights to existing topics, where there was overlap. It's good stuff! Here's a link to one example entry on "Wars". This brings our total to There are some really good titles here, e. These take an hour each, roughly, but they sure are thought-provoking.

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Here's a nice thing: we just imported of Jonathan Rose's Bible Study classes. They include more than 4, reference links to the Bible, making it easy for you to follow along in the Bible as you watch the videos. The whole series can be found here. We also link from the Bible text to these talks, where relevant references are made. Many thanks to Jonathan and his team for the permission to use these!

And to the volunteer who compiled all those Bible references - wow.

Why I Don’t Say “Swedenborg Says…”

If you know other ministers or Bible explainers whose work - text, audio, video - we should be importing, send them our way. We're making search easier and more powerful, too but that's another blog post Same goes for Swedenborg's works, and for explanations.

Page load times have been cut from a tedious 1. We did a bunch of work to optimize data retrieval, and We have been rolling out some search function updates, improving speed, and providing more search and navigation options. The quicksearch function from the main toolbar is back. You might need to clear your browsing history, or close and re-open your browser, if search results aren't showing at first.

Here's another new story explanation, this time about the first commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods The 10 commandments are fundamental to life. It's not random that this is the first one; it's the starting point for us. We offer the story of the 10 commandments, and then an explanation of it - courtesy of the Swedenborg and Life video series by the Swedenborg Foundation.

Here's a link to the story.

PDF True Christian Religion (Hyperlinked Works of Emanuel Swedenborg Book 30)

We just posted a new story explanation, on the famed, and feared, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You can read the story, and then see an explanation of it - and how it applies to our lives - courtesy of the Swedenborg and Life video series by the Swedenborg Foundation. We just posted a Chinese translation of the second half of True Christian Religion.

This work was published by Emanuel Swedenborg in , and the translation was just finished a few weeks ago. Our online version is complete with cross links and links to the Word.

Have questions?

PS: The Doctrine of Life was the late Bill Blair's favorite work of Swedenborg's Writings, and it's with fond memories of him that we post this new revision. There's still a long way to go, but this was great progress! A statement of support for Occupy Portland was also issued on Friday evening by Portland's larger interfaith community. Anthony Kwan marked it as to-read Jul 26, TCR has numbered sections, and in them, Swedenborg makes scripture references and cross-references. Sanderson, by Phoebe Palmer page images at canadiana. De Coelo et de Inferno.

Here's a link to section 1. We just posted an Italian translation of Heaven and Hell.

This work was published by Emanuel Swedenborg in , and the translation was done in by Fondazione Swedenborg in Italy. Here's a link to section 1 of Cielo e inferno. For our Czech-speaking friends That makes 5 Italian translations fully linked up, and two more online as.

We've just posted two more translations of Heaven and Hell, one in German, and one in Swedish. The commentary is by Fortunatianus of Aquileia. It's the earliest Latin commentary, and the earliest Latin Bible text, so it's important in two ways. Here's an article about it that includes a link to an English translation by Hugh Houghton. We're just wrapping up a highly successful translation-importing summer work session. With help from 5 high school and college students, other volunteers, and our core team, we imported 51 more translations of books of the Writings, in Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Dutch, and Czech, bringing the total to We're now offering Swedenborg's works online, linked to the Word and to each other, in 17 languages, which are spoken by more than 3.

This nearly brings in all the extant Czech translations, which… is pretty exciting! Korean: We added a Korean translation of the Doctrine of Sacred Scripture, bringing our Korean count to 6 works online, and 3 others coming.

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We just imported a Chinese translation of Conjugial Love. That brings the count of Chinese translations to 5! Only 13 more to go. We've had over 1 million visits to the website in the past 12 months! If website traffic continues to grow at the same rate, we'll see 2 million visits in the next 12 months. We just imported and linked up Rev. It's a fairly brief and accessible by Swedenborg's standards treatment of the nature of God. This work was really disruptive when it was published in , since it flew in the face of the traditional Christian views on the Trinity.

We just imported a Korean translation of Doctrine of the Lord. Take a look! It's about how to become a good person, and live a good life.

It's a relatively practical, accessible work, and it clearly presents the New Christian view on the marriage of faith and charity. All of its references to the Word, and to other theological works, are live links, so it's easy to follow Swedenborg's train of thought. It also makes it easy for the user to see how thoroughly this theology about faith is grounded in Scripture. One of today's most interesting commentators on spiritual life, from a New Christian perspective, is Curtis Childs. Curtis has a weekly online show, and he's also the main on-screen talent for the Swedenborg and Life YouTube channel.

We've had some of those videos linked in for a while, but we're making a systematic effort now to link in more of them. Here are 3 examples:. We just added more links to Bible commentary in the right side slider pane "Study the Inner Meaning" button.

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This way, if for example you are reading in Isaiah, you will be able to see related works of commentary, including ones that we haven't yet been able to fully parse and import at the chapter and verse levels. This takes us very close to having New Christian commentary for the whole Word.

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Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Latin True Christian Religion (Hyperlinked Works of Emanuel Swedenborg Book 30) - Kindle edition by Emanuel Swedenborg. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. You can download and read online True Christian Religion (Hyperlinked Works of Emanuel Swedenborg Book 30) file PDF Book only if you are registered here.

Before: We had the text online, but there were no links from it to scripture or to cross-references. After: We have the links! Some 75, of them. Many thanks to the team that wrote the code to automate most of it, and to the team that fixed the last or so cases by hand. So, now people can read a nice modern translation of Swedenborg's great exegesis of Genesis and Exodus. We've gathered lots of New Christian commentary on the Word; 28 commentaries by 15 different commentators. It's clean and tidy, and nicely organized here. If you're reading the Word, and wondering what it means… you'll find some answers on this page.

We just deployed a Dutch interface for the site. The 23 million Dutch speakers of the world can now read the Bible while exploring Swedenborg's works, all in a comfortable language for finding their way around the site. We've now got 27 commentaries by New Church scholars either fully imported, or linked in as. Three more works are on deck, and there are a few still outstanding. Almost the whole Word is covered. You can read the Word, and get the benefit of New Christian exegesis right at your fingertips.

If you're leading a Bible study group, or teaching Sunday school, or preparing a sermon, or just studying on your own Here's a link to some of them: Bible Commentary. The two by John Clowes are from the s; the one by Geoffrey Childs is from They're all thoughtful and thought-provoking, and they're helpful to us as we work to understand and appreciate what really happened during the Lord's life on earth.

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These and many others can be found on our Bible Commentary page. It will be fun to achieve that goal. Google just made a search algorithm change that seems to appreciate our site; giving us another bump upward. We just posted a cleaned-up version of Precepts of the Decalog, a draft outline that Swedenborg wrote in preparation for his work, Doctrine of the Lord.